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Advising Registered Providers (RPs) on governance is a core part of our business. On a day to day basis, we help our clients operate within legal and constitutional constraints by preparing policies and procedures so that our clients both understand the background law but are also able to apply it to individual circumstances without having to refer to us all the time. As an example, for one of our developing RP clients, we put together a decision matrix as to which group subsidiary acquires which interests in development opportunities (based on the nature of the projects), how bids are structured and how development funding is made available within the group.

We advise RPs on corporate and procurement issues including:

  • charity laws and powers
  • group structures
  • the establishment of joint ventures
  • strategic partnerships and national framework arrangements
  • best practice and strategy when procuring contracts
  • the extent to which the Procurement Regulations impact land and development values

We also worked with our client’s tax advisors and have jointly produced a comprehensive set of working arrangements to enable this to happen, as well as leading internal workshops with our client.

On a broader, strategic basis, we work with our clients in reviewing their structures and compliance not only with legal obligations but also best practice and making amendments to those constitutions and governance arrangements.

On individual projects, our property development and banking lawyers are all familiar with charity law, constitutional and other constraints that affect our clients so that issues are identified before they become a problem, and we provide structural advice at an early stage in projects. This enables us to make recommendations on structural changes where appropriate.

In recent years, we have developed particular expertise in the constitutional and related financial implications of joint venture arrangements between charitable RPs and developers, especially dealing with the way in which funding is channelled into projects. We have recent experience of this work on behalf of several leading RPs including Genesis, London & Quadrant, Clarion and B3Living.

We also have a particular expertise in mergers and related funding restructures. These range from very small transfers of engagements for perhaps several hundred units to the largest merger to have happened in the sector so far. Our recent experience includes acting for Affinity Sutton Group Limited in merging with Circle Anglia Limited, and acting for Four Housing Group in its merger with Bernicia Housing Group.

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