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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

What EDI means to us

We take great pride in creating an environment that is inclusive for all. We believe in creating opportunities for everyone to develop and progress their careers in a way which is right for them.

Our firmwide EDI Network comprises over 25 colleagues from across the business all focused on ensuring we are an inclusive, diverse and psychologically safe environment. With sponsorship and involvement from the firm’s leadership, the Network’s activities range from creating sub-networks around specific areas such as LGBTQ+ and disability, through to facilitating awareness raising talks and training on unconscious bias, allyship, disability and social equality.

We also understand that for many, a career in law is not the obvious choice and we work with a number of organisations to open up opportunities in the legal sector where the barriers to entry might seem insurmountable. Below are a few such organisations we are proud to support.



What our diversity statistics say about us

Ensuring our business is diverse and representative of the society we live in is not only the right thing to do, it also makes business sense. Differing viewpoints, life experiences and cultural backgrounds makes us better lawyers and a better business.

Below are some of our diversity statistics. Although we are proud of where we are as business, we fully recognise that delivering on EDI requires constant focus and we still have some way to go to realise our full potential as a truly diverse employer.

Gender Profile

Age Profile

Our Core Values

Our core values unite us in the way we think, work and act. They are key to the success of our business and they influence how we interact with each other, our clients and wider society.


  • We are a progressive and forward-thinking firm
  • We are confident that our diverse and idiosyncratic mix of people makes us stronger
  • We take great pride in creating an environment that’s inclusive for everyone


  • We’re  a hardworking and professional bunch of people
  • We’re encouraged to find a vocational passion in our work and do more of what we love
  • We relish nurturing people’s careers, backing entrepreneurial ideas and giving people their wings


  • We’re unusually friendly, down-to-earth and approachable for a law firm
  • We’re respectful and treat people with positive intent because we believe everyone in the firm is fundamentally decent
  • We thrive on sharing and being collaborative in the pursuit of better results

What our values mean