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Lease Extension for Flat Owners

Our offer

A no frills service to enable you to extend your flat lease with minimum fuss at a fixed price.

Our aim

To make it as easy and cheap as possible for flat owners to exercise their right to a new lease where the premium is moderate and there are no complicating factors.


We have streamlined your provision of the information we need to help you claim a new lease; just click here and attach the information it calls for.

You need legal and valuation input to pursue a claim; we will deal with the legal process to exercise your right and the related conveyancing; If you have not engaged a valuer already see the list of valuers – they will advise you of the premium likely to be payable for your new lease and deal with the negotiations for you.

Fixed fee

Take advantage of our fixed fee offer of £1,700 plus VAT and disbursements. As you would expect there are some exclusions.

Download our terms and conditions.

Get started

Click here to instruct us and provide the information we need.

What happens next?

We will check whether we can act for you or any of the exclusions apply. This may take 2 or 3 days, after which we will be in touch.

Moving too?

No problem we can deal with the relevant part of the lease extension process and the conveyancing too if you like. Just let us know the price, timing, alterations undertaken to the property (if any), and details of any related transaction and we can provide you with a fee estimate. Email us via

Is there anything that you can send to us at this stage?

Yes we would love to receive relevant documents now. Email them to us via

What is the lease extension process?

We can also help you acquire the freehold to your block of flats or exercise the right to manage in respect of it and deal with right of first refusal (section 5) notices.

What is the premium likely to be?

The valuer will advise you properly in time. We appreciate that, at this stage, you may want to establish a ball park figure. There are online calculators. While we can’t tell you how accurate the figures are that these produce you may find these useful such as