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Charity Law Conversations: Aarti Thakor and Stuart Wood from the Charity Commission


In our new charities and social enterprise conversation, Senior Associate Ruo Wu had an insightful conversation with Aarti Thakor, Director of Legal and Accounting Services and Stuart Wood, Head of Registrations at the Charity Commission for England and Wales.


They discuss:

  • Aarti and Stuart’s personal journeys into the world of charities;
  • what Aarti and Stuart both enjoy most about working at the Charity Commission;
  • notable changes Aarti and Stuart have seen over the past decade;
  • what advice they would give to someone wanting to work at the Charity Commission;
  • current trends in the charities sector;
  • the use and role of Artificial Intelligence;
  • what they would do if they could wave a magic wand and get all charity trustees to do two or three things consistently; and
  • exciting projects they are currently working on.

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