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‘Til divorce us do part… Sarah Ingram in CityWealth Magazine


The first working Monday of the New Year is often referred to as “divorce day” in the press. Extended time with family can unleash resentment and compound long term problems. But is divorce a seasonal move and is Christmas really to blame? Karen Jones, Editor at Citywealth got the expert update from family lawyers throughout the UK, including Sarah Ingram, Partner at Winckworth Sherwood.

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“A lot of marriages survived because of busy schedules and business travel. Experiencing lockdown, stuck in the same house, if cracks were there, then they were exacerbated into a tense situation.” Sarah Ingram, Partner at Winckworth Sherwood shares the same opinion, saying, “whilst there are more divorces between Jan to March the decision to act can take years, but most opt for the start of the year to go ahead.” She hasn’t seen a rise in divorce despite more enquires and also attributes this to the end of lockdown relieving the pressure.

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