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On December 21st 2017, in response to their consultation on Tackling Unfair Practices in the Leasehold Market, the Ministry for Housing, Communities and Local Government (“MHCLG”) announced its intention to ban long-term leasehold for newly built houses. There was also a concerted effort to prevent exploitation of leaseholders by stopping onerous leases with aggressively escalating ground rents, the so called ‘ten and fifteen-year doubling’ leases by reducing all future ground rents to a peppercorn (equivalent to a zero financial value).

Reform of the long-leasehold market is necessary because of a lack of clear market-led regulation around ground rents which has in recent times led to onerous terms for certain long-leaseholders and ultimately homeowners.

To find out more about how leasehold reform could affect you, read a recent article written by James Duncan here.

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