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ESG Toolkit


Coming Soon…..

We have produced a Toolkit aimed at Social Housing providers to help support you on your ESG journey. Do you struggle to understand the jargon? Do you find it a challenge of where to start on the journey and how to formulate a strategy? Are you struggling to prioritise what key area of ESG is most important to you? Do you feel isolated and would like support and a community to discuss  – how to get engagement and where the responsibility lies? If yes, we can help you.

In conjunction with Inside Housing we recently undertook a survey to help us understand the impact ESG has on Social Housing providers. You are not alone, did you know that 37% only have some understanding of what ESG is and the impact it will have on their business. 31% answered that Environment and Social are the most important area of ESG, whilst 49% all areas (Environment, Social and Governance) are weighted equally important . Are you looking to develop a strategy and the understanding of ESG over the next 18 months?

To support our Housing Association clients, we have developed an ESG toolkit to help with each stage of the ESG journey, from developing an initial organisation-wide understanding, through to strategy creation, integration and implementation. To receive more information about our Toolkit please register here. Alternatively, our experts would be delighted to speak with you, please contact them at