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Winckworth Sherwood’s Gender Pay Gap data – 2019


“This is the result of a gender agnostic approach to our business, which aspires to retain the best people regardless of gender. As a result comparisons of this kind can go either way. In our case at present the gap favours women.”


Winckworth Sherwood’s Gender Pay Gap data – 2019:

  • Women’s mean hourly rate is 0.9% higher and median hourly rate is 8.7% lower
  • Top salary quartile has 66.7% women and 33.3% men
  • Upper middle salary quartile has 83.3% women and 16.7% men
  • Lower middle salary quartile has 60.6% women and 39.4% men
  • Lower salary quartile has 67.2% women and 32.8% men
  • Women’s mean bonus pay is 0.7% lower and median bonus pay is 68.8% higher
  • 60.4% of women and 56.3% of men received bonus pay

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