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Know someone misusing the name Winckworth Sherwood, or a website pretending to be us? Let us know, and read about the latest scam alerts we are aware of:

We are aware of an attempted scam purportedly chasing an unpaid invoice. The sender’s email address uses a WS lawyer’s name however it has a false email suffix with some variation of our legitimate domain Examples include, and Please note our emails always end with the abbreviation ‘’, never our full name. If you receive such an email, then please ignore, forward to and then delete. The wording used within the email body will be similar to that shown below:

I have been advised to contact you in regards to an unpaid invoice for professional services rendered by my client. The payment for the invoice was due on 30/11/2022, and despite our previous requests for payment, we have yet to receive any response.

We kindly remind you that prompt payment is required to avoid any legal action. Please note that failure to make payment for the services rendered is a breach of the contractual agreement between our clients.


DX: 156810 London Bridge 6

Arbor, 255 Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 9AX


DX: DX 96200 Oxford West

2 Chawley Park, Cumnor Hill, Oxford, OX2 9GG


DX: 156810 London Bridge 6

Room 147, St James Tower, 7 Charlotte St, Manchester M1 4DZ

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