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Scam Alerts

Correspondence misusing the name Winckworth Sherwood; and the website “www․swlaws․co․uk” – 15 May 2020

Correspondence sent misusing the name Winckworth Sherwood, and the website “www․swlaws․co․uk” falsely claiming to be our website. 

What is this scam?

Several members of the public have received a faxed letter claiming to be from various partners within our firm, the header of the faxed letter misuses the name “Winckworth Sherwood”. The letter relates to pursuing a claim from a purportedly unclaimed inheritance, with the recipient of the letter understood to have the same last name of a supposedly deceased client.

The letter provides a telephone number of “011 44 74044 53543” a fax number of “011 44 12 1368 2037” and fake email addresses of several of our partners. An example of such email addresses used is “” and “”. The letter also provides, and misuses, our genuine head office address.

The SRA does not authorise or regulate a firm of solicitors called “Law Winckworth Sherwood” (but do recognise our details as a genuine solicitor and firm).

Also, the website “” is operating. This website has falsely cloned and misuses pages from our website but provides only one, false, contact number of +44 20 3097 1792.

Any business or transactions through the website, telephone numbers or email addresses set out above are not undertaken by a solicitors’ firm or a solicitor authorised and regulated by the SRA.