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How to approach Restructuring and Redundancy in Schools and Trusts


When approaching restructuring or planning redundancies, it is important that a proper process is followed and that all relevant factors are considered. It is for this reason that we would always recommend coming back to us and obtaining legal advice if you are planning a restructure or redundancies.

A restructure is essentially a process aimed at making a School or Trust run more efficiently. You should always think about whether you can avoid a restructure by changing staff terms and conditions for example, as this would circumvent the need for a restructure. If you do wish to implement a new structure, you should establish a core team to review the existing structure, prepare a business case and action plan, be clear on costs, ensure you are consulting staff and Trade Unions and follow a redundancy process if applicable. You should also ensure that good communication with, and support for, staff is maintained throughout the process in order to cause as little stress and interruption as possible.

Redundancy is a much more complicated process and the steps change depending on how many individuals are involved. At the outset, you should consider whether there is a risk of any employees bringing a claim for unfair dismissal, as this could result in litigation if the process is not managed properly. To follow a fair process, you must ensure that you follow your School’s / Trust’s Redundancy Policy as well as Acas’ guidance on redundancy. Similarly to above, good communication with all involved staff is not only essential, but a legal requirement. It is recommended that you seek legal advice for guidance.

We have a detailed step-by-step briefing note on restructuring and redundancy, so please contact a member of our Schools HR team at or 0345 026 8690 if you would like further information.

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